(A) prof. Andrzej Czamara, PT, PhD
Physiotherapy Specialist
Academic Teacher at College of Physiotherapy in Wrocław

  Prof. Czamara graduated from The College of Professional Development in Pedagogy at the University of Physical Education in Wrocław, then he graduated from the Faculty of Rehabilitation at the same University, receiving the MA degree in rehabilitation in 1987. In 2006 dr Czamara received his PhD degree at the Faculty of Rehabilitation of University of Physical Education in Warsaw and in 2009 – the title of a specialist in physiotherapy. On 15th June, 2012 he completed his postdoctoral degree at Poznań University of Physical Education. Since 15th June, 2012 he has been an Associate Professor at College of Physiotherapy in Wrocław.

  Prof. Czamara is an author and coauthor of 53 scientific articles. He was awarded three times at international congresses. Prof. Czamara is a member of the Scientific Board of  “Knee Surgery Arthroscopy Sports Traumatology” periodical („Chirurgia Kolana Atroskopia Traumatologia Sportowa”).

  Prof. Czamara started gaining his professional experience as an assistant at the University of Physical Education in Wrocław since 1987 till mid-90's as well as working at outpatient clinic of Śląsk Wrocław Sports Club and as a physiotherapist at the outpatient Clinic in Stare Miasto Wrocław. Since 1990 prof. Czamara has run his private practice as an physiotherapist. Between 1992 and 2007 he was the Director of Private Medical College of Physiotherapy in Wrocław. Since 1997 he has managed the Rehabilitation Centre in Wrocław. He is engaged particularly in physiotherapy of musculoskeletal injuries and diseases working with the public and with sports clubs (Śląsk Wrocław- basketball in 2000-2007; Ślęza Wrocław - women basketball in 1999-2003, Śląsk Wrocław- Judo, Gwardia Wrocław; since 2009 WKS Śląsk Wrocław- in first division football matches).

  Prof. Czamara founded WSF - College of Physiotherapy in Wrocław where he has been its academic teacher since 1999 and in 1999-2010 also its Chancellor.

  Since 2010 prof. Czamara has been the Rector of College of Physiotherapy based in Wrocław (WSF) and since 2009 – the regional consultant in physiotherapy.