Something about Poland

XXI century Poland is not only a geographical heart of Europe, but also an important member of the European Union as well as the NATO, highly respected by its neighbors. Poland was the first one to leave the communist block, the first to finish the political transformation, to start economic reforms, and to achieve the stable currency. It is one of the largest European countries inhabited by nearly 40 million people. The change of political system released their initiative and enterprise, which together with the influx of the foreign capital resulted in economic development and many dynamic changes.

Poland with its natural and cultural variety is one of the most attractive European countries. You can find everything here: Tatra Mountains for mountainous hikes lovers, picturesque Bieszczady Mountains with their characteristic pastures, Baltyk Sea with beautiful, sandy beaches and attractive seaside infrastructure, Masuria, Land of the Lakes – perfect for sailing amateurs and even a desert – Bledowska Desert near Cracow.

There are areas of outstanding natural value, both Europeanwide and worldwide. The Bialowieza Forest, which is one of the 23 Polish National Parks, is a residue of the last natural, primeval forests in Europe. It provides a place for living for many rare, endangered species, like European bisons or famous Polish symbol – storks. The real treasures of Poland’s flora are about two thousand ancient oak trees in the Rogalin forest near Poznan.

You can also visit marvelous castles and palaces dating back to a few hundred years, located in many bigger and smaller cities, like the Teutonic Knights’ fortress in Malbork or marvelous Niedzica castle converted in a Renaissance style. This is a heritage of the Polish monarchy, which for hundreds years was one of the strongest powers in Europe. In many cities you can find also beautiful old tenement houses and mansions which are now being renovated by public and private owners what helps them regain the late charm.

Poland has multiplicity of cultural events to offer: concerts and festivals, including unique International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography - “Camerimage”, Festival of Design in Lodz, “Era New Horizons” Film Festival, “Malta” Street Theatre Festival in Poznan, Country Picnic in Mragowo or Jazz Jamboree in Warsaw.

But Poland presents not only a historical and cultural value, it is a modern European country with a dynamically developing industry, business and science. For the last twenty years, since we regained a complete independence, every little part of the social life has changed. It is worth to come and experience “new” Poland and meet people who changed the history of Europe.