Witold Juliusz Furgał MD, PhD

Dr Furgał graduated from Medical University of Lublin. He completed his First Degree of Specialization in Internal Medicine, Second Degree of Specialization in Medical Rehabilitation, Second Degree of Specialization in Sports Medicine and Second Degree of Specialization in Health Care Administartion and Management.

In 1976-1997 dr Furgał was the Head of the Regional Sports Medicine Clinic in Tarnobrzeg and he initiated sports medicine in the whole region of Tarnobrzeg. In 1981-1990 he occupied the position of the Head of the Department of Health and Social Services in Tarnobrzeg as well as the Chief Medical Doctor of Tarnobrzeg voivodship. He received the Award of the Ministry of Health twice for his organisational achievements in health care. Between 1976 and 1998 he was also the consultant for sports medicine in lubuskie and tarnobrzeskie voivodships.

Currently, dr Furgał is the Head and a co-owner of MEDIVITSPORT s.c.- non-public outpatient medical clinic. He is also a member of STOMOZ – The Society of Healthcare Managers. Since 1998 dr Furgał has been a regional consultant in sports medicine in podkarpackie voivodship. He is also The Chairman of the Commission for Family, Health and Environmental Protection and a Member of Tarnobrzeg City Council. Moreover, dr Furgał is Chairman of Tarnobrzeg Division of Children's Friends Society. Since 1980, he has been an executive member of Polish Society of Sports Medicine and a member of theExpert Panel of the National Consultant for Sports Medicine.

Dr Furgał participated in numerous training sessions and scientific programs in management, rehabilitation and sports medicine both national and international. He cooperated with judo, basketball, table tennis and volleyball national teams.  He used to be a member of the medical board of Polish Paralympic Committee. He authored and coauthored numerous scientific articles in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

In 196-1972, dr Furgał himself was an athlete in AZS Lublin where he trained 110m hurdle race.