Polish Society of Sports Medicine certifies the completion of introductory Sports Medicine Speciality Training Course.

PTMS Certificate entitles doctors to do physical examination and issue medical certification of the ability to practice various sports for children and adolescents till the age of 21 and for athletes aged 21- 23.

PTMS Certificates can be obtained by doctors of medicine who:

1)   have specialization in at least one of  the following: internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, paediatric surgery, orthopaedics, trauma, medical rehabilitation and family medicine;

2)  have completed the ABC of Sports Medicine course- an introduction to sports medicine speciality, on the basis of Sports Medicine Speciality Training Program and in accordance with speciality course scheme or professional advanced course scheme which are approved annually by the Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education (CMKP) and  presented on the website;

3)  have passed the ABC of Sports Medicine exam – an introduction to sports medicine speciality whose connditions are determined by the Executive Board;

4)  have received a positive opinion on their sports medicine reports from a regional sports medicine consultant in a given voivodship;

5) are professionally involved in a group or individual medical practice, registered in the local medical council corresponding to their residence, which is either a public or non-public sports medicine healthcare facility;

6)  are authorised to practice medicine by a valid medical licence;

7)  have made the payment of the charges for the required courses, the original certificate or its copy or renewal, which is the amount determined in the appropriate point of the Rules.